Algortithm variants

Current Equihash algo variants supported:

✔ Equihash48_5
✔ Equihash96_3
✔ Equihash96_5
✔ Equihash144_5
✔ Equihash192_7
✔ Equihash200_9

We're basically supporting every kind of equi-derivated algo. Make sure to choose your mining software wisely. Sending rejected shares on GEMS for more than 10 mins result in a temporary or permanent ban. Before firing up your rigs check if you're mining with the correct algo parameters and/or the correct mining personalization.

Please note: Any coin mined with invalid address can't be recovered.

BitcoinZequihash144_5↝ BitcoinZ--pers BitcoinZ
Bitcoin Privateequihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW--pers ZcashPoW (default)
Buckequihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW--pers ZcashPoW (default)
Heptacoinequihash144_5↝ HeptaPoW--pers HeptaPoW
Hushequihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW --pers ZcashPoW (default)
Komodoequihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW --pers ZcashPoW (default)
Litecoinzequihash144_5↝ ZcashPoW --pers ZcashPoW (default)
Safecoinequihash144_5↝ Safecoin--pers Safecoin
Snowgemequihash144_5↝ sngemPoW--pers sngemPoW
ZCashequihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW --pers ZcashPoW (default)
ZClassicequihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW --pers ZcashPoW (default)
Zelequihash144_5↝ ZelProof--pers ZelProof
Horizen (ex Zen)equihash200_9↝ ZcashPoW --pers ZcashPoW (default)
ZeroClassicequihash192_7↝ ZERO_PoW--pers ZERO_PoW

EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner v0.5 ---- ✔ Equihash96_5 ✔ Equihash144_5 ✔ Equihash192_7

Bminer Cuda v.9.0.0 ---- ✔ Equihash200_9

LoL Miner AMD/NVIDIA v 0.42 ---- ✔ Equihash144_5