This signal is transmitted to the Major Registers Gating-Adder section where the operational function is performed. E82 E2 thru E6. Hawthorne, California Sylvania, Inc. Appendix B contains an alphanumerical list of all signal names which appear on drawings, together with the drawing number which con- tains the generating circuits for the signal. Each printed circuit board assembly is shown as a dash line enclosing the logic sections physically mounted on that particular board.

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The X and Y windings and associated selection logic are shown on sheets 4 and 5 of Drawing All of the power supply output voltages and voltage monitor output signals are listed below with a description of each output and its regulating or amplifying circuit. R1I1 thru R, R C14 CI7 thru C 24 C9. This program is then executed to read in the object program.

However, the actuating control for loading through the data channels is the Channel Start switch also located on the Supernova console. The set output from the Read CY flip-flop controls two gates. By utilizing the two count enable inputs and terminal count out- put, multi-stage synchronous counting is obtained, with operating speeds equivalent to that of a single stage.

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Remove keys from plastic bag, insert the key, turn com- pletely counterclockwise to the ” Off” position. In the LOCK position there is ac power to the power supply and the computer is operational. Control Switches Assembly Figure Nt lln,f f pgh y bn’hi 4 r UcT -j” oil I fuly 1ri. Both input and output teletype transmissions use shift registers to handle the serial transmission of teletype characters.


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All of the logical elements listed use positive logic, i. These connectors mate with four printed circuit jack connectors located on the bottom edge of the Multiple PCB Connector Panel part of the Enclosure Chas- sis Assembly. Standard circuit boards should not be removed.

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The illustrated parts dgg, presented in Section VI of this manual, can be used as a cross reference source which in- dexes the reference designator for the IC part appearing on dh logic diagram with the cor- responding manufacturer’s part number. Table is a summary of the Supernova Physical Characteristics. The routines outlined in this paragraph may be scheduled against two critical factors: Lifting the switch to the deposit position will deposit the contents of the data switches in the memory location specified by the address lights.

The operation of this logic along with descriptions of the operation of the Busy and Done logic is presented in Ap- pendix A of the “How to Use the Nova and the Supernova” or the “How to Use the Nova Com- puters” reference manual. Figure is a timing diagram of the Memory Modify Cycle. The parallel to serial converter is loaded with processor data from the bus, and this data is subsequently serially shifted from the register out to the Teletype Printer or punch.

The function of each one of the major Supernova logic sections is briefly described in the following discussion. A few indicators display useful information while the processor is running, but most change too frequently and are therefore discussed in terms of the information they display when the processor has stopped.


The gates associated with producing this signal are activated by the occurrence of any -one of seven logical conditions. At completion the lights indicate the next state to be executed.

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From the point of view of generating multiplexor control pulses, the Y multiplexor is defined as the Destination Ac- cumulator, and the X viio is defined as the Source Index Accumulator. Certain diagnostics are normally part of the daily and weekly preventive maintenance routines.

But flip-flops in the INH Register that contain 0’s enable inhibit drivers shown on sheet 3. Thus the processor finishes the current instruction, and then stops with the instruction lights displaying the instruction, unless a device is waiting for data channel access or a program interrupt, in which case it performs all such operations before stopping with the instruction indicators off.

The majority of the diagnostic routines are capable of diagnosing malfunctions down to the Logic Level.

The func- tional data paths for parallel word or byte data is depicted on the drawing by the heavy flow lines. Retriggering may be inhibited by tying the negation Q output back to an active level low input.

The manufacturer’s name and address may be found by first referencing TableManufacturer’s Parts List, for the Manufacturer Reference Code for the selected component.